Mission/ History

After 20 years travelling around the world filming and documenting the underwater magic, Óscar Espinasa, and María March, decided to build a dive center in what is for them a very special place: Mallorca. They started from scrap, putting together all they had seen and experienced while globetrotting and, finally, in 2011, they designed Mar Balear Dive Center, a happy place where you can breathe passion for the sea and professionalism, all in a family atmosphere.

The modern infrastructure of Mar Balear, makes it ideal for the practice of nautical sports and diving. Standing just a few minutes away from the Marine Reserves of El Toro and Malgrats, famous for its pristine waters and abundance of life, Mar Balear is the perfect choice for divers.

Maria and Oscar co-work in the TV program Desafío Extremo, and go along with Jesús Calleja in all his underwater adventures…. And some more! They still travel around the world in search of the perfect footage, may it be a humpback whale or orca, a tiger shark or a shipwreck from ancient times, maybe a modern ship or some tiny invertebrates, fishes, marine mammals…. Just about anything is enough to get them underwater (or at the surface!) full of enthusiasm. But home they always return… and that is Mallorca, and Mar Balear, a reflection of what they have experienced around the world.