Essentials of Diving

Get familiar with a new equipment configuration, backplate and wing, build confidence in this new configuration, get skilled in breathing, concentration and visualization techniques, and use the acquired knowledge to become a safe self sufficient diver. Know where your limits are.

This course is mandatory if you wish to continue your training in Advanced and Technical IANTD Courses.


Soft or hard Backplate with a wing for a single 12l tank (btw 28 and 36 lbs.), 1 emergency lamp, 1 knife, Deco Buoy, Spool (25 meter line), 1 regulator with alternate source and depth gauge, hoses (different sizes), dry or wet suit, warm underwear (should you use a dry suit), fins, mask (2 sets), depth gauge, compass and stainless steel carabiners.


The Essentials course will have a minimum duration of 2 days, planned as follows:

DAY 1:

  • Equipment and configuration: Equipment configuration / Cylinder valve configuration.
  • Exercices on land: Finning and kicking techniques, S-Drill, diving position and use of spool and deco buoy. Breathing, concentration and Visualizing exercises.
  • 1st Dive: Buoyancy with a reference, Trim and Finning and kicking techniques.
  • Theory 1

DAY 2:

  • Perfecting the skills of day 1.
  • Exercises on land: Line following and reaching your own limits. Breathing, Concentration and Visualizing exercises.
  • 2nd Dive: Perfecting the skills of Dive nº1 and line following. Reaching your own limits.
  • Theory 2